postheadericon Урок английского языка по теме «Спорт», учитель Климова Е.В.


Урок в 7 классе по теме «Спорт»


Цель урока:

Практический аспект – способствовать совершенствованию умений практического владения учащимися английским языком по теме «Спорт».

Социокультурный аспект – обогащать знания учащихся новой информацией о культуре спорта в англоязычных странах

Развивающий аспект – развитие познавательных интересов учащихся на основе изученного материала по теме с использованием интерактивных форм и интеграции в области спорта.

Воспитательный аспект – способствовать формированию положительных эмоций учащихся по отношению к культуре народа, язык которого они изучают.


— повышение коммуникативной и познавательной активности учащихся

— расширение кругозора

— пропаганда здорового образа жизни

Ход урока:

1. Организационный момент.

Good morning, boys and girls. Glad to see you. Today we speak about sport.

Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: “A sound mind is in a sound body. Millions of people who go in for sports know from their own experience that this famous saying is true. (Slide)

At the same time a great number of people don’t go in for sports. What is useful watching sport on TV or going in for it themselves?

2. Фонетическая зарядка.

Match the words in English and in Russian.


Катание на роликах








Катание на коньках


Катание на лыжах

Horse racing

Горный туризм


Заниматься спортом

Keep fit

Бег трусцой

Go in for sport

Скачки, бега


Быть в хорошей форме

Group these activities into indoor and outdoor sports.

3. Речевая зарядка.

Now I want you to agree or disagree with my statements. If it is true, you will repeat it. If it is false, correct it, please. Учащиеся прослушивают утверждения учителя и высказывают своё согласие или несогласие с ней.

  • You are not sporty.

  • You care about your health.

  • You are not a smoker.

  • Your friend goes jogging in the morning.

  • You do aerobics every day.

  • You go in for sport regularly.

  • You want to be good at running. Etc.

4. Активизация аудитивных навыков и лексического материала.

Guess what kind of sports it is. Translate the sentences into Russian.

Учащиеся угадывают, о каком виде спорта идет речь.


It is a way of traveling or going on foot. (walking)

It is a team game played with oval ball. (rugby)

The sport of fighting in gloves.-Boxing

A very popular outdoor game played on a court with rackets in which the ball must pass back and forth over a net. -Lawn tennis

A sport in which 2 people fight, each trying to throw the other on the ground.-Wrestling

A slow run for exercise. –Jogging It is a game played on a table using round wood bats and a small plastic ball (table tennis).

The sport of going on horseback (horseracing)

A game played by two teams of 6 players each that is played on an ice field (ice hockey)


  1. Физкультминутка.

6. Развитие навыков изучающего чтения «Спорт в Британии»

— Do you know that football, tennis, badminton, cricket and some other games originated in Great Britain? Let’s read the text about one of the most popular summer sport in Britain.



Do you know how to play cricket? If you don’t live in England, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa you won’t live it at school. English people love cricket. Summer isn’t summer without it. The players are dressed in white. They play on the beautiful green cricket fields. Every Sunday morning from May to the end of September many Englishmen get up early and take a lot of sandwiches with them. It is necessary because the games are very long. Cricket is played in schools, colleges and universities. Cricket is also played by women and girls.

Cricket is played by two teams of 11 each. One team must bat and the other team must field. When the first team finished batting, the other team must begin. The game is very slow.

It is the most English of all sports.

to bat – бить битой

to field – принимать подачу

Дополнительная информация о популярных видах спорта в Британии.

Do you know that

  • the English play soccer and rugby football;

  • American football differs from soccer and rugby;

  • The final of the football competition takes place at the famous Wembley stadium in London;

  • There are all kinds of racing in England – horse-racing, motor-car racing, boat- racing, dog-racing and even racing for donkeys;

  • The most famous boat race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge.

  • The center of lawn tennis is Wimbledon – the unusual club since 1864


Crossword Puzzle.

Далее дети разгадывают кроссворд, используя прослушанную информацию


1) a kind of football played in Britain, Russia and European countries.

3) a group of players in a game

5) the center of lawn tennis


2) a kind of football originated at a public school and named after this school

4) the most popular English summer game

6) a game which can be played on a lawn or on a table


7. Развитие навыков монологической речи по теме «Спорт».

-Is sport popular all over the world? Why do you think so? You will work in pairs and discuss why people do sport.

Ученики делятся на пары для выполнения упражнения из учебника № 9 стр. 102. Учитель разбирает с детьми все словосочетания из данного упражнения. После обсуждения темы в парах, учащиеся представляют свои рассказы.


Примерный рассказ:


Sport is popular all over the world. First of all some people think it is just in fashion to do sport and to keep fit. People say that it is interesting to take a chance and to take part in different competitions. When you go to a sport center or sport club you often meet friends, talk with them, so we can say that sport helps us to make friends. For children sport is interesting because they enjoy playing and running.

Besides for successful sportsmen sport is the way to earn money, win the prize and become famous. I am sure that any sport helps you to become strong, energetic and healthy, lose or gain weight, look athletics and of course just to have a good time.

8. Подведение итогов урока.

Учитель подводит итоги урока, благодарит детей за работу, хвалит учащихся, принимавших активное участие в ходе урока, и объясняет домашнее задание.


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